Hi There! I'm Amanda Salvara an email specialist a marketing strategist a front-end developer a graphic designer a musician a creative adventurer


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Freelance email marketing specialist & junior developer based in London, UK.
Have a passion for working with code, music, creative intuition, wellbeing and strategic projects. Continuing to grow my skillset within production and marketing over the last 10 years in both London and Sydney working within start-ups, corporate, SaaS and agency environments.

  • First Name: Amanda
  • Last Name: Salvara
  • Current Location: London
  • Nationality: British
  • Freelance: Available
  • Phone: +44 75088 36748
  • Address: Southend-on-Sea, UK
  • Email: Hello@creativequadrants.com
  • Skype: amanda.salvara
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Email Marketing Manager
Australia's pioneering marketing place (peer-to-peer) lender [Start-up]
2017 - 2018

Implemented email marketing strategy for the business on technical, strategy and reporting. Configured Salesforce Marketing Cloud and CRM to implement automation, reports and maintain data integrity. Used Microsoft SQL Server to enrich and analyse data available for the marketing team. Customised business emails to reflect the website and implement dynamic content using ampscript and data extensions for content, voucher codes and data capture on trigger automations. Sourced valuable content for customer and acquisition comms with articles and partner offers based on customers loan purpose.

Email Marketing Specialist
Australian Institute of Company Directors
Australian based Company Directors membership services, courses and events [NFP]
2015 - 2017

The role entailed using Microsoft Dynamics marketing tool, ClickDimensions. Point of contact for email and automation campaign consulting, implementation and results. Managed email sends, template design and development, compliance review and checks for the marketing team.

Channel Marketing Artwork Developer
Digital Alchemy, Sydney
Australian and South East Asian marketing services [SaaS].
2015 - 2015

Worked with clients and fellow developers on testing and delivering new and existing email marketing campaigns for large retail and service providing clients, focusing on optimising the use of big data. Used the clients customised MessageStream platform to build and set up marketing emails and campaigns with ampscript and provided handover training to the clients at the completion of build.

Email and front-end specialist
Contracted for M&G Investments, Space 66 Agency and Beast Collective.
2012 - 2015

Worked on campaigns and single jobs with agencies and as a 6 month contractor with M&G Investments to roll out the preference centre, email reskin and sales team templates.

PGDip in Counselling and Psychotherapy
University of East London
2018 - 2020

Part-time studies starting in September. The next two year personal project will to optimise tech accessibility and peer-to-peer platform for mental health services and advisable strategies.

NLP Practitioner Certificate
The Coaching Room
2017 - 2017

This 8-Day course looking at the framework of NLP, meta-programs, states of consciousness and practicing awareness, as well as 're-programming' techniques.

Foundations of Psychology Certificate
The RMIT University
2017 - 2017

This short online course included modules in 'Beginning with Psychology', 'The Biological Framework for Human Behaviours', 'Understanding and Diagnosing Psychopathology' and 'Depression and Anxiety Disorders'.

Counselling Course: An Introduction
University of Sydney
2017 - 2017

This short course addressed 'Exploring Emotions', 'Identifying the Real Problem', 'Generating Options', 'Developing an Action Plan', 'Professional Issues' and 'Dealing with Particular Problems' within counselling.

PGCert in Digital Marketing Strategy
Chartered Institute of Marketing
2015 - 2015

Coursework using the case-study on Netflix, their company position at the time, marketing strategy and future scope integrating with VR and in-house entertainment creation and publishing.

BMus degree in Popular Music and Media
London School of Music and Media
2006 - 2009

Specialising in vocals within Tech Music Schools, composition, Jazz and music business strategy. Final dissertation focused on the effect of music on the brain.













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Responsive In-line HTML Email

  • Client : SocietyOne
  • Date : 02/03/2018
  • Used Technologies : Atom, html & css

Inline CSS within a HTML email helps with the flexibility of partner senders / clients being able to take the code and paste within another email sending platform with minimum tinkering around. This customised build was to use modules similar to the website landing page to create a linear experience for leads.


Newsletter Conent

  • Client : SocietyOne
  • Date : 27/08/2017
  • Used Technologies : Ampscript, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, html & css

For customised content, the templates were built using ampscript to pull in copy, URL and image content from data extensions in Marketing Cloud or display a section of the email based on the multiple audience criterea. Data extensions were also used to populate unique discount codes and assign to each contact that was sent the email.


Customer Journey

  • Client : SocietyOne
  • Date : 10/02/2018
  • Used Technologies : HTML, CSS, Ampscript, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Atom & Adobe Photoshop

Marketing automation set templates to send customised content based on the contact's stage in the lifecylce. Part of the retention and acquisition strategy, these templates were built using ampscript to pull in copy, URL and image content from data extensions in Marketing Cloud based on audience criterea.


Template Redesign

  • Client : Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Date : 15/11/2016
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop & ClickDimensions

Work with the design team to create new responsive email designs to match to web refresh across all marketing communications to members within 3 months.


Dynamic Content Emails

  • Client : SocietyOne
  • Date : 20/01/2018
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Photoshop, Amscript & Salesforce Marketing Cloud

As part of the acquistion and customer onboarding communications, the copy, URL's and images were coded to pull from ampscript to avoid multiple template use and ease of content management in data extensions. Resulted in having only 6 templates to manage with 30 variations as opposed to managing updates across 30 templates.


Friend referral campaign

  • Client : SocietyOne
  • Date : 20/02/2018
  • Used Technologies : HTML, CSS, Ampscript, Atom & Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Created a an automated email, landing page and trigger sequence for contacts within a set point in the lifecyle. Utilised the Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud toold to set up data triggered automations and follow up reporting.

Gif animated emails TEST

  • Client : Beast Collective
  • Date : 08/07/2014
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Photosop, Adobe Dreamweaver & MailChimp

Was asked to provide an email that used gif anination files and was optimised for mobile. The plan was to have a HTML file small enough to load in time with all the files intact. Worked with Beast Collectives PSD design to build an email that loaded and responded to various screen sizes without comprimising quality.


Javascript web banner

  • Client : Space 66 Agency
  • Date : 05/03/2014
  • Used Technologies : HTML, CSS, javascript, Adobe Fireworks & Adobe Dreamweaver

Sent a high res PSD file to turn into an animated web banner to be uploaded into DoubleClick, using HTML, CSS and javascript. Used fireworks for high quality and low in size web based images.


Prefernece Center

  • Client : Smart Focus
  • Date : 10/11/2012
  • Used Technologies : HTML, CSS, javascript, Adobe Dreamweaver & Adobe Fireworks

Briefed to create a response landing page which pushed form submissions into the contact records on the clients database. Used fireworks for high quality and low in size web based images.


Editable Template Build

  • Client : Space 66 Agency
  • Date : 12/05/2014
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Dreamweaver & Adobe Photoshop

Provided a PSD file to chop up and turn into an editable template for use in Mailchimp.



  • Client : Smart Focus / Whilstes
  • Date : 02/11/2017
  • Used Technologies : HTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworkds & Adobe Photoshop

Working as managed services team member, was provided with high res PSD files with requirements to splice images for size adjustments, links and description tags on each image. Worked closely with Whistles marketing team to launch campaigns, segment data and assist with efficient reporting.


Split versioning for desktop and mobile

  • Client : Space 66 Agency
  • Date : 20/12/2014
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop

Two-day build and testing project to provide Eriksons event team with an email that would display image, links and layout variations in desktop and mobile.